NITRO Studio Version to Release Notes

General updates

The latest updates to NITRO Studio encompass a number of small changes to help make life easier. There are new options to toggle settings on and off (e.g. the NITRO List View Settings button that was showing by default, can now be hidden). NITRO Forms were improved to work better when opening documents from document libraries.

We have made enhancements to the list search capabilities allowing for more granular search capabilities. The Version Log makes reference to “tokenized” search, which means that we are programmatically breaking down the free form text into chunks to search for. For example, if searching for a particular ticket about a website failure and you know that your user James Restivo submitted the ticket, you can search for “James Restivo website failure.” Without tokenization, the ticket would have to contain the exact words in that exact order. But with tokenization, the phrase is broken down into its component parts, so that the search will return results that have “James”, “Restivo”, “website”, and “failure”, but not necessarily in that order.

You can review the changes in our Version Log on our website: NITRO Studio Version Log – Crow Canyon Software