Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders

NITRO Studio Workshop: Overview of New NITRO Features

Join James Restivo for an overview of new NITRO Studio features recently released. Topics we’ll cover: – Multivalue support in our condition builder for NITRO Forms, Workflows, and Custom actions – New option to show both a background color and text color for List Formatting – New options for the NITRO List view app – […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using NITRO to Manage Purchasing

In this workshop, we’ll show the NITRO Purchasing pre-built application, and how you can replicate some of the features on your own. We’ll focus on the following: – Designing the Purchase Request intake form with NITRO Forms – Designing the approval process with Custom Actions and Workflows – Converting the Purchase Request to a Purchase […]

Attachments not getting added to the item from the Portal forms – Save Conflict error

Add delay in execution of workflows to eliminate save conflict with portal attachments Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Premises Issue: Attachments are not getting added to the item from the portal forms – Save Conflict Error message in the Portal: Error: NotFoundError: A requested file or directory could not be found at the […]

Portal search shows the results as DispForm.aspx

How to eliminate DispForm.aspx in search results of the Portal Search Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises Issue: Portal search results shown as DispForm.aspx in the results. See sample screenshot below: Generally, in SharePoint search results, the value present in the Title field will be shown as search results in our Crow Canyon Employee […]