Frequently asked questions in Configurable Employee Portal

Master FAQ of Portal settings

Applies to: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises

1. How to configure © copyright symbol in the Portal

Please refer #1 from

2. How to add new items under "Notifications" and "Other Links" section?

Please refer #2 from

3. How to configure Quick Links with default field values?

Please refer #3 from

4. The Cancel button on the Submit New Ticket page navigates to View Submitted Tickets page. Is that the correct path?

Please refer #4 from

5. Other Links not having any data?

Please refer #5 from

6. ‘Contact us’ Link/Mailto link does not open Outlook, it goes to other link. What is the correct configuration?

Please refer #6 from

7. What are the image resolution sizes in Portal?

Please refer #7 from

8. How to configure Security settings for end uses in the Portal?

Please refer

9. How to add fields into new/edit/display forms in the Portal?

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10. How to configure cascading funcitonality between three lokkup columns in Portal?

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11. How to configure Advanced lookup column settings in Portal?

Please refer #11 from

12. How to add/modify the banner image in the Portal?

Please refer #12 from

13. How to configure ‘User Information/Requester Properties’ in Portal pages?

To configure requester details auto populate in ticket new form refer

14. How to configure Portal Theme settings and how to upload own theme css files?

To configure Portal Theme settings refer:

15. Issue: Requester details are not populating in Configurable Portal

To populate Requester details please refer:

16. Issue: How to configure Portal forms to open in dialog mode?

To configure the list ticket forms, search KB forms to open in dialog mode in the Portal pages, please refer

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