Frequently asked questions in Contract Management application

Applies to: SharePoint Online

How to enable attachments in Contracts forms?

In Crow Canyon Contracts Management application, we have turned off attachments by default in both Contracts and Contract External Documents list forms.

To enable attachments in NITRO forms, please go to the required list’s “List Settings” -> Crow Canyon NITRO Forms -> Edit New/Display/Edit forms -> go to “Form Controls” section, drag and drop Attachments control to the form and publish.

How to renew the contract without approval process?

In standard Contracts application, if “Allow Auto Renewal” is enabled, then the contract will be auto renewed automatically without needing approval. If “Allow Auto Renewal” is disabled on a contract then it needs to go through the approval process based on the Contract Value (Cost) and the selected Renewal option.

“Renewal Option” column on the Contract is a lookup column pointing to the “Contract Renewal Options” list (utility). This utility list has renewal time span along with two different levels of approvals with associated threshold values.

If we would like to manually renew the Contracts without needing any approval, we can turn of the approval process for the selected renewal option in the utility. Please go to “Contract Renewal Options” list -> Edit the required item in this utility, and clear the values from “First Level Amount”, “First Level Approver”, “Second Level Amount” and “Second Level Approver” columns so that whenever someone initiates the renewal from the contract form using “Submit for Renewal” action button, it updates the Start Date and Expiration Date columns on the contract without needing any approval.

How to make Contract ID as manual entry?

To make Contract ID as manual entry, refer instructions from

How to configure additional level approval process in Contract Management application?

To configure additional level approval process, refer instructions from:

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