Crow Canyon Applications

Control access to Tickets in Crow Canyon applications (IT, Facilities and Requests Management)

Applies To SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises Description This article describes the steps to configure item level permissions using Crow Canton NITRO Workflows such that Tickets created for a particular Category will be visible to particular SharePoint user(s) or SharePoint group(s). This can be done based on some other parameter instead of Category and also […]

How to address “Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocker it to protect your personal information” error in Google Chrome browser when modifying web part pages?

Applies To: SharePoint Online Description/Symptom: To manage the content like list views, reports, tiles and dials etc. in the workspace pages, we generally edit the page and edit the required web part in the browser. Google Chrome browser may throw exception “Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocker it to protect your personal […]

Upgrade Crow Canyon application for SharePoint Online to NITRO based application version

Applies to: SharePoint Online Description: Crow Canyon NITRO Studio is an easy to use no-code solution that provides the components to build highly configurable applications in SharePoint online. We have upgraded our applications (IT, Facilities, Requests Management, Purchasing etc.) to take advantage of NITRO capabilities. This article provides the details of upgrading existing applications to […]

Install Crow Canyon NITRO Studio using Tenant Framework App

Applies to: SharePoint Online If you are installing NITRO Studio after February 2020, then please refer this article for latest installation process. Introduction This article describes installation of Crow Canyon NITRO Studio. This installation uses the NITRO Framework app with tenant level permissions Pre-requisites User Permissions User doing the installation needs tenant admin rights on […]

How to Upgrade Forms Manager Forms to NITRO Forms in On Premises

Applies To: SharePoint On-Premises Description: This article describes the process for upgrading the Crow Canyon Forms Manger forms to NITRO Forms in our application. Summary of Steps: Install/upgrade latest solutions in the SharePoint Server and activate new features Configure NITRO Forms Configure Custom Actions as a replacement for Batch Ticket Editor Portal Ticket URL in […]

Admin operations on different Crow Canyon On-Premises Solutions and features

Applies to: SharePoint On-Premises Description: This article describes the list of different solutions used in our application(s) along with the instructions to add/deploy/upgrade/retract solutions and activate/deactivate features. Different possible Admin operations: How to Add and deploy crow canyon solutions in the SharePoint Server? How to activate or deactivate crow canyon farm features in our […]

SharePoint Online: Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing emails in Crow Canyon Applications

Outgoing email issues in Crow Canyon SharePoint Online based application Applies to: SharePoint Online   Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing Emails   Issue: Recipients are not receiving any notifications from Crow Canyon Application 1. If users are not receiving any auto notifications i.e. Notification on Ticket Creation, Assignment, Completion then verify the users (Requester, Assigned Staff, […]

Troubleshooting steps for Custom Actions in Crow Canyon Application

Applies To SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises Description This article describes about troubleshooting steps for Crow Canyon Custom Actions. This is a Crow Canyon App/solution and you can refer the features here: Symptom 1 After executing the custom action, custom action pop up window is not closing on clicking “Close” button. Cause (specific to SharePoint […]