How to configure approve via email feature using NITRO Workflow Manager

Applies To: SharePoint Online Description:  In general Crow Canyon approver feature creates a task for approver and notifies with the link to edit form of the task so that Approver can set the decision and complete the approver task. If the approval feature is configured using Crow Canyon Advanced Approval App, then this article does […]

SharePoint Online: Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing emails in Crow Canyon Applications

Outgoing email issues in Crow Canyon SharePoint Online based application Applies to SharePoint Online Issue Recipients are not receiving any notifications from Crow Canyon Application Troubleshooting steps 1. If users are not receiving any auto notifications i.e. Notification on Ticket Creation, Assignment, Completion then verify the users (Requester, Assigned Staff, Notify Staff, Assigned Team etc) […]

Prevent duplicate/continuous ticket creation and auto notification

How to stop duplicate or continuous notifications in SharePoint Online Applies To: SharePoint Online Description: When you have the Crow Canyon Email Sync enabled for creating Tickets in our IT or Work Orders applications, you may sometimes experience an issue where the system sends out multiple emails and/or creates multiple tickets for the same email. The […]

How to send mail from a SharePoint list item with one click

Send a predefined email with required format and placeholders with a single click from the list item Applies to: SharePoint Online and On-Premises Description: This article desciribes about how to send an email from a SharePoint list with one click. This can be done with Crow Canyon Workflow Manager and Custom Actions solutions. Note: For […]

Installation of Outlook Addin for Crow Canyon Product

How to install Crow Canyon Outlook Addin Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises Crow Canyon Outlook Add-in is used to create new Tickets from Emails in the mailbox or link the emails to existing Tickets in our Help Desk Application. Please download the Crow Canyon Outlook to SharePoint Add in Package from OutlookSharePointAddin. Steps […]

How to use internal mailbox for sending mails from NITRO Workflow Manager and Approval App

Applies to: SharePoint Online NITRO Workflows and Advanced Approval App Introduction This articles has details for using an internal account to send mails from Workflow Manager and Approval App. Using an internal account results in better mail delivery as mail sent from external servers can be considered as spam by the receiving servers. This article […]

How to configure external email address as “From Address” in the Notifications Utilities?

Applies to: SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online Description: Crow Canyon service request application standard auto notifications takes the from address from standard notifications utilities and will send mails to recipients. As part of the standard installation configurations, from address in different environments are configured as described below: On-premises: The notifications utilities takes the “from address” […]

Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing emails in Crow Canyon application

Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing emails Applies to: SharePoint On-Premises 2013 and 2016   Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing Emails Please refer this article to ensure that standard SharePoint email functionality is working in your environment: Below steps are useful only if standard incoming and outgoing email functionality is working.   Case 1: If auto notifications are […]

Frequently asked questions for Crow Canyon Email Sync App

Applies To SharePoint Online Crow Canyon Email Sync App Overview Crow Canyon Email sync app is an add-in for O365. SharePoint online doesn’t have built-in functionality similar to Announcements Lists in on-premises where emails sent to a particular address are automatically added to the list in SharePoint. This App plugs this functionality gap by monitoring […]