NITRO Workflows

Configure a workflow to auto-close Ticket if all the associated tasks are completed

Applies to: SharePoint Online and On-Premises Description This article describes the steps to configure a workflow to auto close Ticket when all the associated tasks are completed for that Ticket. Configuration Configure a workflow on Associated Tasks list on Item modified event as shown below. Please note the condition on ‘Task Status’ column value and put […]

How to Export and Import Crow Canyon NITRO Configurations

Applies to: SharePoint Online Description In certain cases when list and site structure is same, it is possible to export the NITRO Forms and Workflow configurations from one site and apply the same on other site having similar schema. Most common scenario is when there are two environments for an application: Development and Production. In […]

How to implement Crow Canyon Ticketing System for different departments?

Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises Description: Generally permissions can be configured at the root site as sub sites inherit the permissions unless the permissions are broken. There might be cases where we need to have unique permissions for some of the lists. In such case, we can go for the list settings –> […]

How to control the Tickets accessibility (security) in Crow Canyon applications (IT, Facilities and Requests Management) for a particular category?

Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint OnPremises Description: This article describes the steps to configure item level permissions using Crow Canton NITRO Workflows solution such that Tickets created for a particular category. Let us take an example use case of “Payroll” Category. If a ticket is created with Payroll category, we would like to grant […]

How to configure approve via email feature using NITRO Workflow Manager

Applies To: SharePoint Online Description:  In general Crow Canyon approver feature creates a task for approver and notifies with the link to edit form of the task so that Approver can set the decision and complete the approver task. If the approval feature is configured using Crow Canyon Advanced Approval App, then this article does […]

How to insert the placeholders of list columns in the Workflow Manager condition builder

Applies To: SharePoint On Premises and SharePoint Online Description: In Workflow Manager conditions we frequently compare the list column values with some fixed value or expression. For example, if value of ‘Priority’ column is ‘High’ or if ‘Due Date’ is greater than ‘Today’ date value. In some scenarios, we need to compare the value of […]

How to update “Total Maintenance Cost” in Asset based on its related maintenance tasks sub total

Applies To: SharePoint On Premises and SharePoint Online Description: In our Asset Management Module we have a field “Total Maintenance Cost” in “Assets” list. Also we have maintenance tasks that will be created periodically based on the scheduled preventive maintenance feature for the assets. This article describes how to update “Total Maintenance Cost” in Asset […]

How to configure Recurrence feature in SharePoint Online using Calendar list

Applies To: SharePoint Online and On-premises Description There are many business scenarios where SharePoint list items need to be created based on Daily, Monthly, Yearly basis or based on specific dates. This is used for cases like recurring maintenance tasks for Assets, renewing Contracts etc. This functionality can be configured using Crow Canyon NITRO Workflows […]

Upgrading Crow Canyon Workflow Manager to Crow Canyon NITRO Workflows App

Workflows Migration to NITRO Workflows app Applies to: SharePoint Online Description Crow Canyon Applications use the Workflow App for various business processes. There is an updated version of this App available now – Crow Canyon Nitro Workflow. New App has better UI, enhanced functionality and debugging capability and improved performance. Please refer to see […]

How to use internal mailbox for sending mails for Workflow Manager Send Mail action

Use internal account to send mails from Workflow Manager to avoid spam and better delivery of mails Applies to: SharePoint Online NITRO Workflows Introduction NITRO Workflows by default sends emails using SendGrid service. This can sometimes cause mail delivery issues as SendGrid server IPs may not be trusted by receiving server. Also, mails originating outside […]