Install Crow Canyon NITRO Studio using Site Collection Framework App

Applies to: SharePoint Online


This article describes installation of Crow Canyon NITRO Studio. This installation uses the NITRO Framework app with site collection level permissions. Please note that it is preferable to use framework app with tenant level permissions as it makes the NITRO installation and upgrades significantly easy and automated. You can refer this Article for installation instructions. However, if you can’t install the tenant level app due to any restrictions then please follow this article to complete the install using site collection level app.


  • User Permissions
    • User doing the installation needs Site Collection administrator permissions on the site collection where NITRO Studio is going to be installed
  • Site Collection
    • To install NITRO Studio in a new site collection, tenant administrator should create a new site collection
    • Or installation can be done in an existing site collection
  • App Catalog

Installation requires Crow Canyon NITRO Apps (SharePoint Add-ins) to be installed in the site collection. Apps can be added to the site collection level app catalog for the installation. Please note the following regarding this:

    • To use Site Collection level app catalog then it has to be created by the tenant administrator if it doesn’t exist already. Once the app catalog is created, adding apps and installation can be done by site collection level user
  • has to be added to tenant app catalog site as it doesn’t work from site collection app catalog

Package Information

Please download the package .zip file.

App Name

App Name Description Main NITRO Studio App that is used to activate NITRO features in a site and manage NITRO in activated sites Used by NITRO Studio App for working with SharePoint Online. It provides the base functionality and permissions for NITRO activation and updates etc. This App provides the functionality to monitor emails in a Microsoft Exchange mailbox and create those mails as SharePoint list items in O365 Configure approval workflows easily on SharePoint lists Configure business workflows on SharePoint lists. Supports workflows on list item create/update/delete, based on date time values in the list items and also scheduled workflows (fixed time or recurring Calendar) Create easy to configure and use versatile Portal sites as a front end to your SharePoint business process sites. Provides customized UI and security settings to provide a simplified and secure interface to users
CrowCanyonNITROSPFxWebParts.sppkg Provides NITRO features in SharePoint modern sites. Modern UI has different types of lists and pages and all the NITRO components are fully supported This App is used in some of the Crow Canyon’s prebuilt business applications like IT Helpdesk. You can add it to the catalog at a later time when you actually use one of these applications. This app is not a pre-requisite for NITRO Studio and studio can be installed without this app as well


Add apps to App Catalog

  1. Add all the apps to the site collection app catalog except
  2. Add to the tenant app catalog site

Please refer detailed steps

Create Site Collection

Create a site collection using the “Team Site” template for root site. We can also use an existing site collection created with team site template. NITRO is also supported in other types of site collections e.g. Communications and new Group based Team sites. Please contact Crow Canyon support if you face any issue in activating/using NITRO in any particular type of site collection

Install NITRO in Site Collection

Following Apps needs to be installed in the root site of the site collection:

  • Crow Canyon NITRO Studio
  • Crow Canyon NITRO Framework
  • Crow Canyon NITRO Workflows
  • Crow Canyon Power Portal
  • Crow Canyon Email Sync
  • Crow Canyon Advanced Approval

Please refer detailed steps to install these apps. Once NITRO Studio is installed, you can activate NITRO in sites or install the prebuilt NITRO applications in the site collection.

You can use the same steps to install CrowCanyonNITROSPFxWebParts.sppkg in the site where you activate NITRO. Please note that this app needs to be installed in every site of the site collection where you activate NITRO. You can install it in root site of the site collection if you plan to activate NITRO in root site as well

Steps to add Apps in the App Catalog

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Apps for SharePoint’ library in App Catalog

You can use either the tenant level App Catalog or the site collection app catalog. Both are described below, please follow the appropriate steps:

Navigating to the tenant App Catalog

Go to SharePoint Admin Center of your tenancy and click on ‘apps’ and then ‘Apps Catalog’ as shown below. Please refer this Microsoft article on more information about creating the App Catalog and using it for custom business Apps

Choose ‘Apps for SharePoint’ from Quick Launch

Navigating to site collection App Catalog

Go to Site Contents page of your site collection and click “Apps for SharePoint” library link to open it as shown below. Please refer this Microsoft article on more information about creating the site collection level App Catalog and using it for custom business Apps

Step 2: Upload the Apps to the App Catalog library

Upload the .app files that were in the downloaded file to ‘Apps for SharePoint’. You can highlight all the files and drag them over at once:

Step 3: Adding Crow Canyon App for SharePoint modern UI support

When you upload (or drag and drop) CrowCanyonNITROSPFxWebParts.sppkg to the app catalog, it prompts you to trust this App. Please click “Deploy” button to install the client-side solution package:

Steps to install Apps in the site

Please ensure that the Apps are added to the App Catalog. If not, please follow above steps. Also, the site collection where you want to install NITRO should be created, and you should have Site Collection Administrator privileges on the site collection. After that, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Go to root site of the Site Collection

It will have URL like https://<your SharePoint tenant name><your site collection URL name>

Step 2 – Go to the “cog” (gear) in upper right and select ‘Add an app’ from the list

Step 3 – In the Quick Launch on the left side, choose ‘From Your Organization’

Step 4 – Click on the app you want to add and accept app’s permissions request


If you have installed the NITRO in Site Collection, please refer this Article to activate the NITRO for a sub site and to install the prebuilt Crow Canyon NITRO applications.

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